Wanted list

If you have any of these you can contact me at admin@lava-library.com.

Lava Lamps I Collect

In 2003 Lava Lite the producer of the American made lava lamp moved manufacturing to China. Anything made after this point is not something I collect. Anything made in 2003 or earlier can be identified with either a bottle cap with “Lava Lite” and a code printed on it, or with a cap that screws directly onto the bottle. You can also browse my website to see the many examples of lava lamps made in America!

Cap Examples.

Other products I collect

I do collect a few other things Lava Lite made back in the day. Mostly Wave Machines and some other random things.

Lava Lamps I do Not Collect

Lamps made in China by Lava Lite are easy to identify. They use stickers on the caps and do not print directly on them anymore. Additionally there are many knock off lava lamps I am also not interested in. I have included some of the most common examples.