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Rainbow Series


Series:600, 700
Years Available: 1980?-1992
Original MSRP: $44.99
Bulb used:T7 15W
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Confettis on OozingGoo
642BlackHot pinkSilver

The Confetti was the last GemLite model to be produced, after the Continental and the International were discontinued in 1987. Like older models, they came complete with a colored sticker which could be applied to the underside of the bottle; on the Confetti, this first had only pink and blue, then added yellow, then green. Unlike other GemLites, there was never a Lava Lite using this base.

Originally, only model 650 was offered. In 1990, as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration, three “Hot New Colors!” (as catalogs proclaimed) were added: a brass/gold complement, and black bases with two colored liquids. The pink model is very rare, the blue & brass even rarer.


Years Available:1975-1980s?
Original MSRP: $49.99
Bulb used:T7 15W
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Gemlamps on OozingGoo

The GemLamp is a very rare model. It featured a Confetti model GemLite attached to a circular chrome pedestal. A chrome pipe extended up, dog-legged over the globe, and supported an ordinary table lamp socket, harp & shade. The original shade was a conical, pleated off-white fabric type. The example depicted above has been refilled.


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Years Available:1980?-1983?
Original MSRP:  $39.99
Bulb used: A15 40W
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Rainbow Series on OozingGoo

“New for the 80s!” After discussing the model 209 Aztec, with its unique sparkly metallic brown finish, the other three lamps in the Rainbow series are plainer, rarer… and got tried again a decade later with much more success. The 90s version, the Elec-Trick, came about after the switch to a crimped bottlecap, so if you find one of these with a screw-on cap, it’s a Rainbow!


Model Number8400
Years Available:1988-2003
Original MSRP:  $58.90
Bulb used: A15 40W
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Midnights on OozingGoo

The 1980’s was a slump in lava popularity. Many models were discontinued during the 1980’s, however one lamp was introduced that would change Lava Lite forever. The Midnight rocketed Lava Lite back into popular culture with it’s most popular color combo with blue liquid and white wax. Originally the Midnight was only available in a few colors such as blue liquid and white lava as well as clear liquid and red lava. It also came with a screw cap like other lamps from the Rainbow Series which was replaced by a bottle cap seal in 1992. Eventually available in almost every single color Lava Lite produced by the time they were discontinued in 2003. Lava Lite knew they had a hit on its hands that would later inspire more “Midnight” variants of other models like the Century and the Aristocrat. The Midnight had a long run, but it was an unfortunate victim of the manufacturing move to China that ultimately ended it’s reign.

Mike Rowe, known for the television show Dirty Jobs advertising a white/blue Midnight on QVC.


Series: 8000
Years Available:1990-2003
Original MSRP: $58.90
Bulb used: A15 40W
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Princesses on OozingGoo
8006WhiteClearCoral Red*
8008WhiteClearLemon Yellow*

The Princess (another re-used model name) appeared in 1990 as part of Lava’s 25th Anniversary. The next 32 oz. lamp after the Midnight, its finish is white, earlier ones having a matte finish, later ones glossy. Two of its first three colors were exclusive at the time: 06 red & 08 yellow (see below). The Midnight also got purple. In 1992, screw-caps were switched to crimped bottlecaps, and both models acquired another color: 16 black/clear.

Regarding the starred colors: The Coach Lantern, the last lamp to use color 06 red/clear, disappeared after 1989, and this color number was repurposed as “coral red.” In about 1993, red number 10 was introduced, and was the same shade as the old 06; “coral red” was lighter. Color 08 was lemon yellow, usually just referred to as yellow by catalogs; at the same time that color 10 appeared, color 11 appeared, also “yellow,” which was a paler color. It didn’t last very long.

The Princess was not part of the Electric series, but were often lumped in. The first catalog page showing the Electric (originally spelled Elec-Trick) also showed the black/clear Midnight & Princess.