Cosmic Drops

Manufacturer: Lava Lite
Years Made: 19## – 19##
Original MSRP: Unknown
Bulb used: 
CD-310Yellow Yahoo (Large)
CD-110Yellow Yahoo (Small)
CD-320Red Rhapsody (Large)
CD-120Red Rhapsody (Small)
CD-330Blue Bliss (Large)
CD-130Blue Bliss (Small)
CDS-630Stars & Moons

Cosmic Drops are Lava Lite’s take on an existing item known as a lucite sculpture. Available in multiple sizes with different “drops” on the ends of the support rods.

Lucite Sculpture
Credit: eBay Listing

The Cosmic Drops line is all black light reactive and glow when under a black light. That means they pair nicely with the black light reactive Electric series as well as some of the Icon series.